When I looked into this subject it was a surprise to me to find drones are quite widely used in the construction industry. It’s a growing market and is predicted that construction will be one of the major benefactors of drone technology. In a recent survey a third of respondents are already using drone technology whilst nearly 70% plan to do so in the future.
Drones produce digital data for many applications in construction.
Drones are mainly used for photography and video in aerial mapping, surveying, inspection and progress monitoring. Balfour Beatty for example has teamed up with West Sussex County Council to trial the use of drones to inspect bridges across the county. Some structures are dangerous to get to and drones help make these type of inspections safer.
The three main reasons construction firms are using the technology are time savings, increased operational efficiency and cost savings. Drones are the best way of companies to monitor work progress on a project.
One of my clients uses a drone to photograph and record progress on his house. Likewise, the contractor does the same, which allows him to view the site without having to be there all the time.
Drones have the ability to protect a site from theft or vandalism by creating around-the–clock, real-time monitoring and on site security whilst minimising health and safety risks.
Estate agents are starting to use this technology in the sale of large properties giving unique angles, which cannot be seen from the ground. A few seconds of video can show far more than 20 photographs are able to.
This is all good for the construction industry as long as we keep clear of Gatwick Airport!
More information on drone technology in construction can be found in Property Investor News magazine.