I always say, ‘if you set it up a project properly it will run itself’. Putting the effort in right in the beginning will save you problems later. By that I mean by engaging the right architect and contractor as well as making time to set up the contract properly will help you have a smooth ride.

I make a point of using the correct JCT form of contract and including all the correct information. When documents are reviewed properly there is less chance of ambiguity and conflict. You might think you understand what was agreed at the time, but 6 months down the line and it can all look very different. I have been involved in enough claims to know that a contract set up properly is worth its weight in gold.

Too often contracts are incomplete and lack the necessary detail, which opens up the client/contractor to problems later. It’s the contract documentation that will let you down in the long run.

Spending the effort in getting it right first time will always pay dividends.