Sometimes we embark on a new project with surprising results.

Last October I launched a new Toastmasters Club, ‘Burnham Speakers’. I have been a Toastmaster for over 14 years and have always wanted to start a new club. Then I took the opportunity.

Part of the reason for doing this was to test myself and to focus on one project whereas in the past I would deal with many things all at the same time. What I learnt surprised me!

I found I was good at marketing, something I have not experienced too much of or so I thought. I also confirmed I was good at inspiring others to help. At first I found it difficult to ask for help. Suddenly, with the support of Toastmasters Head Office and other local clubs help came from everywhere.

Now the fun is starting as I encourage new members to take on speaking roles and I am able to see them grow in confidence. It’s very rewarding to give people constructive feedback and once they know they are on the right track they just fly! It’s great to hear members reporting back that now they have the confidence to give presentations at work. Some have already spoken to large numbers of colleagues.

Shortly we will achieve our goals for starting the club and we will be recognised as a full club and join the Toastmasters family. Then, I can look back and enjoy watching what we have achieved. Yes it has been a lot of work and there were a few sleepless nights for me but we all came through and now we can enjoy the results of our success.

This successful new club will have an impact on the people of Burnham and Slough area now and for many years to come. It’s very rewarding to see what we have achieved.

In this current time of being at home more than you would like, what can you plan to do that will be rewarding in your future?